I'm Joshua.

I'm a writer who helps build digital products.

Now, at Automotive Events, I guide product and content strategy for the company's mobile app, Dashboard.

Dashboard is a hub of live event information: agenda items, driving directions, push notifications, and chat messages. Car companies use the app during events they host around the world. My work includes in-product and real-time content. A measurable example is the instructional copy. When someone signs in after creating an account, it can take a few minutes for an event to appear. I wrote a message (pictured below) that resulted in fewer questions about registration.


Dashboard's initial sign in or create account screen.


Dashboard's create account screen.


Dashboard instructional copy: You're not linked to an event. Don't worry, we'll connect you. Refresh in a few minutes by swiping down.


Dashboard's home screen.


An example agenda in Dashboard.


An example drive route in Dashboard.

I'm also an adjunct professor.

My current course at Metropolitan College of New York is about communication, design, and disasters. It's a postgraduate class, where we discuss communication and design methods to identify disaster preparedness needs within communities. Get the syllabus (PDF).

Before, I was the digital manager at The Cambodia Daily in Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh.

During my time there, I launched the newspaper's website.

I collaborated with Cambodian journalists to develop a responsive, multilingual (English and Khmer) website. Since most people in Cambodia—at the time—did not have credit cards, a feature let readers buy a "subscriber card" with cash and enter a card's code on the site to redeem a subscription. The idea stemmed from mobile phone top-up cards, which are popular in the country.

The Cambodia Daily homepage, 2015

And I wrote news articles.

Police investigators in October visited the headquarters of mobile telephone and Internet service providers operating in Cambodia to examine their routers and other equipment, and to look at the companies' billing records and data logs, according to documents obtained last month and an interview with a senior police official. More

I also lectured at Pannasastra University of Cambodia about emerging technologies, and I studied journalism for my MA at Birmingham City University in England.

Twice, I spoke in Singapore about how I helped The Cambodia Daily go online. First, about designing (PDF) for a mobile-only population. Then, about creating (PDF) a paywall and a distributed newsroom.

But my favorite work remains offline and in print.

I wrote Azurite's All Right, a children's book about preterm birth and its impact on the family.

Mom was scared. Dad and brother too. Yesterday was a good day. Today is not. Today, they are in the hospital. Buy

Azurite's All Right pages as a GIF

It's a true story, and it received a Story Monsters Approved designation in 2019.

Contact me at hi@wilwohl.com.