Joshua Wilwohl

I lead a team developing the mobile event app, Dashboard, and I write the copy that helps its users complete tasks. Samples of my work are below.

I'm also an adjunct professor at Metropolitan College of New York. My current class is about communication design for disaster preparedness. Download the syllabus (PDF).

Before, I built digital products in Cambodia, wrote a children's book, and created an online tool to help people write better sentences.


People use the app to get agenda items, driving directions, chat messages, and other information during events hosted by global car companies.


After a user creates an account with Dashboard, it takes a few minutes for an event to appear. A message on the home screen said, "You are not registered for any events." This caused confusion among users, who emailed for help. I rewrote the message to provide clarity, ease concern, and give instruction: "You're not linked to an event. Don't worry, we'll connect you. Refresh in a few minutes by swiping down." Users had no more questions. The message's flow is pictured below.


Dashboard's initial sign in or create account screen.


Dashboard's create account screen.


Dashboard instructional copy: You're not linked to an event. Don't worry, we'll connect you. Refresh in a few minutes by swiping down.


A typical user's journey in Dashboard is Home > Agenda > Routes, as pictured below. Routes is a patented navigation system I designed that takes users on a curated journey to experience a car's features. The app also includes product specifications, location details, and venue descriptions. I write this copy for every event, and I created a style guide for it.


Dashboard's home screen.


An example agenda in Dashboard.


An example drive route in Dashboard.


I'm researching how content will change when Dashboard connects with a car's infotainment system. More to come.

A car's infotainment screen displaying Dashboard app during car connectivity.