Joshua Wilwohl

I'm a project manager and writer at Automotive Events, where I lead a team developing the company's mobile app, Dashboard. Samples of my work are below.

I'm also an adjunct professor at Metropolitan College of New York. My current course is about communication, design, and disasters. You can download the syllabus (PDF).

Before, I led The Cambodia Daily's transition online after 20 years in print.

And I wrote a children's book.


People use the app to get agenda items, driving directions, chat messages, push notifications, and other relevant information during events hosted by car companies.


After a user creates an account with Dashboard, it can take a few minutes for an event to appear. A message on the homepage said, "You are not registered for any events." This resulted in a lot of questions from users. I rewrote the message to provide clarity, ease concern, and give instruction: "You're not linked to an event. Don't worry, we'll connect you. Refresh in a few minutes by swiping down." Users had no more questions. The message's flow is pictured below.


Dashboard's initial sign in or create account screen.


Dashboard's create account screen.


Dashboard instructional copy: You're not linked to an event. Don't worry, we'll connect you. Refresh in a few minutes by swiping down.

Hosting an event during the COVID-19 pandemic means participants must agree to safety requirements. A message sent using Dashboard's chat had to inform users about what they must do and the consequence if they fail to do so. I wrote this in the form of a question for easy response: "Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Do you agree? Reply yes to accept our virus safety requirements. If you don't agree, you'll need to go home." I avoided using "COVID" because testing showed anxiety increased when users saw the word. The message appears as a notification and as an in-app message. When one is tapped, it opens the chat, where users can type their response. A message follows. The process is pictured below.


A push notification informing users about the virus safety requirements.


An in-app message informing users about the virus safety requirements.


A user responding yes to the safety requirements' agreement in chat and a follow-up message thanking them for their response.


A typical user's journey in Dashboard is Home > Agenda > Routes, as pictured below. Routes provides turn-by-turn directions so users can experience a car on roads that highlight its features. There's also product specifications, location details, and venue descriptions. I write this content for every event. I also created a style guide for the content and for when staff communicate with users via chat.


Dashboard's home screen.


An example agenda in Dashboard.


An example drive route in Dashboard.


I'm researching how content will change when Dashboard connects with a car's infotainment system. More to come.

A car's infotainment screen displaying Dashboard app icon when phone is connected.