Hello. I'm Josh. My work is below. Most revolves around digital strategy and content design for media organizations. Some includes research into the effects of technology on communication, particularly in Southeast Asia.

I'm the founder of Simplify Ink—a writing studio focused on concise, useful content and design. The studio's mission is to improve people's experience with digital products.

2017Simplify Ink+-

I created the framework for Simplify Ink as part of my postgraduate work at the Birmingham School of Media. Read, or view more at simplify.ink.

201720 Limit+-

An online tool I created to help people write succinct sentences. Try it at 20limit.com.

20 Limit was listed on One Page Love, a website showcase, in September 2017. View.

2017The Written Word+-

A discussion at Digital Journalism World of why written content remains important and how it is changing with technology in a world enthralled by moving images and computer-generated simulations. View the presentation.


An enterprise plan for an online-only news outlet in Cambodia. Read.

2015Going Digital in the Developing World+-

An exploration of The Cambodia Daily's construction of its paywall to target a mostly cash-only market; the development of a responsive design to accommodate a mobile-only population; the transition to a virtual newsroom; and the switch to a secure network to protect users' data. View the presentation.

2015Multimedia Journalism Portfolio+-

My portfolio of design and programming projects, and a breakdown of their performance online. Read.

2015Media in the Digital Age+-

Syllabus for Media in the Digital Age class at Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Read.

2014The Cambodia Daily's Digital Strategy+-

A comprehensive report of the newspaper's online and mobile strategy since the creation of its website in 2012. Read.

2014Print to Digital: Catching Up With the Curve+-

A case study of The Cambodia Daily's responsive design and the limitations of working in a developing country. View the presentation.

2014Online Journalism Portfolio+-

My portfolio of published articles and a breakdown of their performance online. Read.

2014Introduction to Journalism+-

Syllabus for Introduction to Journalism class at Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Read.

2014Published Articles+-

Articles published in The Cambodia Daily, The Open Standard and Patch.com. Read.

2011The Pocket Shirt+-

"That is a nice pocket" is how conversation starts when wearing this shirt. Buy.

2010All the News That Fits in Your Pocket+-

An eBook about technology's disruption of the news industry. Buy.